ZK/U Press is a division of ZK/U, focused on publishing critical content on urban issues. It is giving artists, architects and researchers a forum to discuss, archive, documenting their work.

Voices/ Stimmen

Various authors

Reclaiming the Public as a Political Space

FIRE. Safe and Sound Essays

Alona Rodeh

Livre Invisible


Gyms in Dar

KUNSTrePUBLIK & Jan van Esch

12 selected Home Gyms in Dar es Salaam featured in a year long Calender

Here Comes Trouble

Alex Head

An Inquiry into Art, Magic & Madness as Deviant Knowledge

Clash over Trash


Building the City together

raumlabor Berlin

The Osthang Project

Das Gute und das Öffentliche

raumlabor Berlin

Was kann Kunst im öffentlichen Raum?

Archipel in√est


Inseln künstlerischer Experimente im Ruhrgebiet