Oliver Walker


Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde

If Lines Are Meant to Divide, Circles Will Unite Us

Kiwon Hong

Cha Ji Ryang

All BATS Reserved

Sanaz Sohrabi

Undine Sommer

Parnian Ferdossi

Evrim Kavcar

Shabahang Tayyari

Boris Jöns

„what about the commentariat?“ - WATC

Monireh Askari

Research Project at ZK/U

Byungseo Yoo

Brazilian Carp

Open Design

OnAction(s), individual +/- collective

Sven Sorić and Hrvoje Spudić

ZK/U Open Archive

Jocelyn Robert

The Framing Tool

Olga Labovkina


Lydia Karagiannaki

Homage to the residents

Woonyung JA

About Something Is Not Only Limited To You

Lila Athanasiadou

Editorial fellowship reSITE - Shared Cities Atlas

Anastasia Eggers and Ottonie von Roeder


Jordan Cook

Maps for Getting Lost

Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Didem Pekün


Ragip Zik

Affective visuals in online spaces: A study of social movements in a digital era

Roos Cornelius

Motohide Taguchi

Exchanging memories related to sounds and traditional music

Renée Miles Rooijmans

Seasonal Effective Design of Public Furniture

Alix Lucas

Ben Nathan

Artist Dis-placement at the metal recycling company TSR

Ben Nathan
Matthew Robinson

Baden Projekt Berlin

Ben Nathan

Boundaries of infrastructure

Matthew Robinson

Orhan Esen

Urban Transformation Sustainibility

Sixten Sanne

Parking House & Urban Micro Climates