Byungseo Yoo

Music for every day

Music for Everyday / ZK/U Food Lab

Yasemîn Özcan


Kate Fahey

if / then

Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez

The river told me so

ZK/U Fact Finding Committee #03

ZK/U - Fact Finding Committee #03: Solidarity³ - Between Art, (Club-)Culture and Resistant Structures

Jan van Esch

Clothe the naked

Pablo Alboreda

Utility after abandonment: The case of ZK/U

Karl Ingar Røys

Wir bleiben alle

ZK/U Fact Finding Committee #04

ZK/U Untersuchungsausschuss #04: Feministik & urbane Essensherstellung

Semâ Bekirović

Reading by Osmosis

Cha Ji Ryang

Good Morning : Good Night

Laura Yuile

Asset Arrest

Pawel Jankiewicz

Distinct Inside