Eeva-Liisa Puhakka


Heather (Hey There) Kapplow

momento memento mori

Amina Handke

No.HOT_L Berlin 23 Edition

Max Utech


Alice Haddad

Exhibition landscapes: a guided tour

Aron Fogelström


Natasha Papadopoulou

The Line Between Lime and Time

James Notin

Into the Wild

Liina Leo

The Burrow

Rodrigo Azaola

Impunity Landscapes

Ria Boss

Heartbreak Hotel

Augustus Williams

Tandem Residency Detroit / Berlin

Anne Houel

/ Trümmerberge \

David Clark

The Nine Lives of Schrödinger’s Cat (book) and GaGe (installation)

Stina Baudin

A Fractal Manifesto

Ivetta Sunyoung Kang

Breathing (Proposition 4)

Zihao/Hazel Mei

Sitzen: A sitting wanderer in the city of Berlin

John Seung-Hwan Lee

Embodied Images of Others Far and Near

Alexandre Baldrei


Ragil Dwi Putra

No Title

Maya Nguyen


Maintenance is not a Metaphor.
Lena Wegmann

Maintenance is not a Metaphor.

Ali Glover

No Title

Gal Amiram

The Tripod, the Shovel, and the Notebook

Lena Wegmann
Black Earth

What the heck is Climate Justice?

Martin Kiman Zsófia Szőke


Turki and Abdulrahman Gazzaz - Bricklab

Saudi Modern

Stephen Gunning

Sounding Out

Lena Wegmann
Nico Angiuli

Pfand Straße

Ian Jehle
Mario Ego-Aguirre

Lumber: the allure and the aesthetics of construction

Mario Ego-Aguirre

Tangent Studio

Igor Ponosov

Cozy corner

Vangjush Vellahu

What the map cuts up, the story cuts across (Fragments II)

Yonatan Kunda

“Alef Bet الف-بيت אלף-בית “ \\ “The Tish”

D' Andrade
Walla Capelobo

Ultra-poetry: procedural feelings

Ginta Tinte Vasermane

In a Stage of form

Aarti Sunder

Nodal Narratives of the Deep Sea

SONDER - Peter Behrbohm & Anton Steenbock

ZIZ Total Earth

Sibongile Oageng Msimango

Vula Kuvaliwe (open when closed)

Joud Al-Tamimi

a song for many movements, or the return of the repressed

Vasiliy and Stepan Subbotin (part of ZIP group)

An Ecosystem in Exile

Marta Fumagalli Riccardo Pirovano - Jukai collective

Genius Loci

Tamar Nissim

What do you really think?

Estee Ellis

Mesilat Yesharim: A Study in Comics

Ludmila Pogodina