The Burrow - Liina Leo

Holy Being of Being Waste (c) Will Britten, 2023.

Liina Leo ( Estonia )

The Burrow is work researching how protection of bodies is very closely related to the protection of artworks, drawing attention to the unbearable pleasure for safety and things hidden from our view —blind spots of our society. Social anxiety that is dominating the urban imaginary - the fear of crime, and the concern of public order has led to the design of the defensible space. For Nazi-Germany, the concept of Lebensraum, the idea of perfect living space being protected of external threats, became the extreme ideological principle. The project questions the unbearable joy of safety and protection that still dominates modern life and politics. It is interested in how White Cube function as a label for art and as forerunners for gentrification, how it produces hostility towards the bodily, the ‘impure’. The project takes interest in various alternative forms of resistance such as urban poetry.

I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven (c) Will Britten, 2023.
Holy Being of Being Waste (c) Will Britten, 2023.
Gallery Bench (c) Will Britten, 2023.
Mounted (c) Liina Leo, 2022.
Gated (c) Liina Leo, 2022.

Funded by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia