Karl Ingar Røys

Wir bleiben alle

Pablo Alboreda

Utility after abandonment: The case of ZK/U

Jan van Esch

Clothe the naked

Mette Kit Jensen

Project at ZK/U

Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez

The river told me so

Zura Tsofurashvili


Mano Leyrado

Monitor: B19

Elena Mazzi

Project at ZK/U

Kate Fahey

if / then

Pierpaolo Curini

Attempt to keep the memory alive

ZK/U Fact Finding Committee #03

ZK/U - Fact Finding Committee #03: Solidarity³

Ilaria Lupo

Project at ZK/U

Helen King


Asma Mehan

Reimagining Communities in South-East Asia

Yasemîn Özcan


Seunghee Lee
Yeon Lee

Berlin Sensing Map

Noa Heyne

Home Taxidermy

Music for Everyday / ZK/U Food Lab

Byungseo Yoo

Music for every day

Cesar Cornejo

Puno MoCA - Berlin

ZK/U - Fact Finding Committee #2: Heterotopic Places
Martin Conrads

ZK/U Untersuchungsausschuss #2: Heterotopic Places

Florencia Vecino
Marcos Torino

After Google

Ali Reza Hemat Boland

Flowers with the cracks