OPENHAUS - open studios, installations and resident talks

24 May 2018 | 19:00

Once a month the residency program of ZK/U is opening its doors to the public. The visitors are invited to connect with the hosted projects and to explore its residency program.

Openhaus May focuses on issues related to architecture and memory, urban space and sociality and to the physical remnants of ideology. Residents turn to the local area, reflecting on urban encounters around Alexanderplatz, for example, or the legacy of the Holocaust in Moabit. In doing so, they seek to understand the ways in which history has left its mark on the spaces we inhabit and how our cityscapes are constantly being reinvented, built upon and layered, creating complex webs of history and meaning.

19:00-22:30 Open studios, installations & food
20:00 Guided tour through the exhibition

Participating residents: Monireh Askari, Daniel Greenfield-Campoverde, Boris Jöns, OPEN DESIGN, Sven Soric, Hrvoje Spudic and Byungseo Yoo

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the artists and researchers in residence and to explore ZK/U’s space and surroundings, to ask questions, to discuss and to exchange ideas about ongoing projects and artistic practices.

*Accessibility: The event space is accessible by wheelchair and provides an all bodies bathroom.

Free Entry
Organiser: www.zku-berlin.org/residency/



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Sven Sorić and Hrvoje Spudić

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