Research Project at ZK/U - Monireh Askari

1 May - 1 Jun 2018

Monireh Askari ( Iran )

I will use the time and space of the residency for collecting data as the relations of the environment and the society around the residency and Berlin city with the background data I already have inside which shape who I am.

I sense an urge to, first of all, search and observe the environment/spaces and cultural related subjects; discuss the current situation of society and its relations to define the problematic subjects and acknowledge the issues. Such as multicultural graffitis and the languages exists through them. Also, continuing the “Common Possibilities” project observing social housing units and searching through the different types of “Form of Life” in complex building units to reflect, rethink and imagine the new relations between in Berlin.

For this, the path would be purposive re-documentation of the issues by diagrams and data collecting based on and using image making (collages, illustrated images, narrating videos, drawing of diagrams and text-images), which mostly start from the voids, unused areas and cultural gaps. After this, I often make a story or propaganda for the investigated reality, and make a proposal based on illustrated possibilities.
Also, I have practiced team work as a designer and as an artist. Also, I have collaborated with another artists during different projects. I often take the role of creative directing, as a data analyzer and pointing the potentials and drawing new ideas. I believe this way of facing the subjects has a more in-depth realization from and it could be used as a background tool for artistic projects.  

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