Open Design

The team of OnAction(s) consists of five fellows (Agustina Palermo, Angelika Weissheim, Benjamin Royal, Ceyhun Ruhisu Altiok and Juan Camilo Silva Riveros), who came together within the interdisciplinary master’s program «Open Design / Diseño abierto para la innovación». The program that joined us together, interconnects disciplinary methods of the cultural studies and humanities, with the natural sciences and design disciplines. Each individual in the group is coming from a different disciplinary and cultural background, and as a consequence their approaches, study cases and objects of interest vary. Yet, our collective enthusiasm lies in knowledge transfer on the basis of collaborative involvement on diverse topics. While getting ready for the residency, the team has found its interest converging at “interactions” within everyday relationships, communications and encounters. Thus, we focus on experiencing interdisciplinary explorations through a variety of projects and collaborations, where ultimately our project themes are biased on interaction.