KO-Markt meets GÜTERMARKT: GüterMARX

(c) Raquel Gomez, 2021

at Haus der Materialisierung

September 25, 2021 // 2 - 7 p.m.

The Moabit GÜTERMARKT is sprouting up at Haus der Materialisierung (within Haus der Statistik) near Alexanderplatz. 

GÜTERMARKT, which has been taking place regularly at ZK/U Berlin, has by long exceeded its original goal of taking a critical perspective on the culture of consumption. Now, within the project Objective Dialogues, the social component of collective artisanship is heightened by building bridges between fragmented social groups and birthing unusual products of what could be considered garbage. GÜTERMARKT is the stencil adapted to the population around Haus der Statistik – with a new name, indicating the new location on Karl-Marx-Allee: GüterMARX.

Forming the neighbourhood market of GüterMARX, artisans, DIY-fans and second-hand goods dealers will come together on 25 September from 2 - 7 p.m. to create unique objects from things as banal as duster catchers. Rent a stand or come by as a visitor! For a stand, please click here

Preceding the market, an action week will take place from 20 - 24 September, where you can donate unwanted goods. The neighbourhood around Haus der Statistik is invited to meet while re-using, repairing and preparing goods and thereby collectively counteracting the vast amounts of waste around the city.

For more information see https://hausdermaterialisierung.org.