From Rethinking Open Form; Image (c) Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez, 2019

Mutual learning lab

Until today access to education is shaped by social and economic status. Overcoming stigmas, social mobility and equal opportunities are demanded and need to be mediated, but often not achieved in the traditional educational landscape. ZK/U wants to offer new sets of sharing knowledge, empowering communities and making artistic and research outcomes more accessible. 

  • How can we bridge academic knowledge production and urban practises?
  • Can we create an environment that encourages unbiased learning opportunities?
  • What can a transdisciplinary laboratory for new and surprising pedagogies look like?
  • Can we foster ‘citizen science’ and ‘crowdsourcing’ to make knowledge production more diverse and tangible?
  • Who has access to practice-based pools of knowledge in cities and how can they be translated into policies?