Animals, Naturecultures, Speculative Fiction - Ilyn Wong

An Archaeology of You, mixed media installation, 2019

Ilyn Wong ( Taiwan )

The period of the three months in residence at ZKU is taking place in the immediate aftermath of Ilyn Wong’s loss of her thirteen-year old dog, who had been in a 2 year downward decline until her recent death. 


Thinking through readings on natureculture, the Anthropocene, and non-human agencies, combined with ritualizing and working through her personal grief, Wong will be working on three main projects — a video work using original and found footage about multi-species existences; a mixed media project that uses family photographs and images inspired by science or speculative fiction; and a series of essays and poems around these topics. 


You, According to Franz Fanon (part of An Archaeology Of You), oil paint on ink jet print, 2019
Performance documentation of Green Lines: After Francis Alÿs, durational walking performance, 2019
Stitched Earth, site specific outdoor installation, 2017
Still of Whiskey-Headed Woman, HD Video with sound, 2017