The river told me so - Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez

Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez ( Honduras )

“In our cosmovisions we are beings that have surged from the earth, water and maize. We are the ancestral guardians of the rivers.”

-Berta Cáceres

During the period at ZK/U, the artist will be developing the augmented reality artwork titled “The river told me so”, inspired by the cosmovision of the indigenous land and by the social activist Berta Cáceres, assasinated 3 years ago for defending our natural resources. 

The immersive digital artwork parts and re-interprets ancestral indigenous knowledge in order to construct its poetics and aesthetics. The artwork will be developed in a very flexible way, in order to adapt it to different scenarios: from video projection onto the waters and river rocks to 360º dome projection mapping. 

Along with “The river told me so”, Márquez will be working on smaller artworks that concern the concept of ecology protest.