Art-chitect - Helen King

Helen King ( United Kingdom )

During the ZK/U residency program, Helen King is going to embrace the position of Art-chitect to explore the public space and services within the city. She will use walking and public transport to explore the public spaces within the vicinity of ZK/U; parklands, transport networks and urban spaces will be my initial point of exploration, but she will spend an extended period of time exploring all the city has to offer. Particular areas of interest are the green spaces in the vicinity of ZK/U; Bürgerpark Pankow, Goethpark, Schillerpark, Fritz Schloß Parke. This will allow her to identify sites and communities of interest to explore or develop further.

The documentation of the residency experience in a live city lab format.

However, this will not necessarily be an exhibition. Combining imagery, video, maps and live making workshops, the lab aims to transform the role of audience into a mediator.