Art-chitect - Helen King

Helen King ( United Kingdom )

During the three month residency programme Helen King has undertook an investigation of urban greenspace in the area of Moabit. Utilising the practice of walking, she visited various different types of parkland within the city to explore the social concerns of site, location and place. She quickly identified that ‘play’ was the connecting factor for all the spaces and used my own memories to interpret this. She created a new work ‘Memory House: Play in the City’, which was presented at ZK/U March Openhaus event. This work was a cardboard cutout representation my childhood wendy house, featuring drawings, writings and diagrams of my time in Berlin. Visitors to the event were invited to add their own memories of Moabit to the work to build a collective memory. This project was underpinned by research on landscape architects and social thinkers such as Aldo Van Eyck and Paul M Friedberg.