Motohide Taguchi

Exchanging memories related to sounds and traditional music

Renée Miles Rooijmans

Seasonal Effective Design of Public Furniture

Alix Lucas

Rebecca Beinart

Urban Antibodies II

Yasar Adanali

Hope Archive

Urban Antibodies

Victoria Tomaschko

Artist Dis-Placement at the JVA (prison for women)

Ben Nathan

Artist Dis-placement at the metal recycling company TSR

Playful Commons

Playful commons

Robb Mitchell

Icebreakers For Public and Semi-Public Spaces

Soyoung Chung

Tectonic Memories Chapter II: Conflict

Ben Nathan
Matthew Robinson

Baden Projekt Berlin

Ada Favaron


Lee Dawson

Berlin ZK/U Project

Kaja Pogačar

CityToolBox and Transforming city streets

Ben Nathan

Boundaries of infrastructure

Hilde Retzlaff

Berlin project

Heather Nicol

Listen Up!

Alex Head


Nathan Gray

After The Party

Orhan Esen

Urban Transformation Sustainibility

Robb Mitchell

Urban Icebreakers

Nayoung Jeong


Danielle Freakley

ZK/U Project

Jayoung Chung

Einfühlung ( Ich und Du )

Yoana Buzova

Parasite Outlet

Mobasher Niqui

Leave me my Tempel (hof)

Lars Zimmermann

ZK/U project

Jennis Li Cheng Tien

ZK/U Project

Lore Smolders

Meeting Point

Rebecca Beinart

Urban Antibodies

Haeyoung Seo

Would you be my Model?

Nathalie Wuerth

Making Manifest

Dagmar Dahle

Berlin Blue

Adela Iacoban


Kat Henry

Time Pod

Lamis Haggag

How do I look on paper?

Jason Wee

The City, The Cannibal & Asia

Marina Franco

The Visitor Economy

Nathan Gray


The Feminist Health Care Research Group

Tracey Snelling

Lýdia Pribišová


Julim Rosa


Maj Horn

The Physical Archive, Schools without Walls, Trading in Kind

Juan Conesa

'Used / unused' - Project at ZK/U

Indu Antony

Tori Abernathy

Tyler Fox & Linda Zhang

Valentina Martinez Mariscal

Samuel Holleran

Seokkyung Han

Bite Back Movement

Nina Prader

Moments & Monuments: MemoryGames — On the Tracks

Yutsen Liu

Pendulum: A man in the system

Bora Baboci

Rafal Zapała

Jan van Esch

Artist Dis-Placement at German Red Cross (Berlin)

Alona Rodeh

Artist Dis-Placement at the Berliner Feuerwehr (Berlin Fire Brigade)