Time Pod - Kat Henry

Kat Henry ( Australia )

My residency at the ZK/U allowed my time to work on my TimePod project, which is a major durational performance art project that will be exhibited in Melbourne, Australia in October, 2017. I worked on this alone in Berlin, though in conversation with my producer in Australia, finalising the design, and preparing documents and planning for the build and execution of the project. TimePod is a room-lie structure/sculpture that acts as a temporal isolation chamber and ass what it is lie to experience "no-time". I continued to compile examples of precedents in performance art, psychology, astro-sciences, and other fields of similar experiments, as well as broaden my knowledge of performance art practitioners in general. I studied the design of other small living spaces, tiny houses, and liveable sculptures, and researched materials for building my own TimePod, as well as continuing planning for the the execution of the project.