Hope Archive - Yasar Adanali

Yasar Adanali ( Turkey )

During his stay at ZK/U,Yaşar worked on the Hope Archive Project (https://hopearchive.org) .It is about a visual database mapping spatial and ecological justice. It aims to become a platform where similar struggles around the globe can gain visibility and connect to one another. Its starting point is the idea that thinking about different practices and subjectivities that relate to the universal might be encouraging and stimulating. That is why Hope Archive aims to grow by making “spaces of hope” visible that otherwise remain hidden. The project gets its inspiration from Düzce Hope Homes, which delivers (1) 237 housing units; (2) public & community spaces; and (3) social & economic development programs for low-income tenant earthquake-victims in Turkey, based on a process of successful legal struggle to access subsidised public land; participatory planning & design; and community-driven construction. This is the first mass housing project in Turkey designed fully by a participatory design process. Düzce Hope Studio, a voluntary design studio based in Istanbul formed after an open call, facilitates participatory design and build processes since 2014. The video archive of Düzce Hope Homes was the first seed to the database.