'Used / unused' - Project at ZK/U - Juan Conesa

Juan Conesa ( Spain )

Juan is interested in resignifying the daily objects, specifically, furnitures. In the societies of mass consumption, we throw out all what we consider old, we get rid of antique furnitures, and we buy new short-lasting designed ones. Later we find the ones we have thrown away in a second hand shop where it says “vintage” for incredible prices, or in fancy bar. Juan is also interested in the difference between cultures through their approach to garbage, and the idea of how the interiors are understood, what we consider a good living in Northern European countries comparing to the Mediterranean culture.

Juan would like to search for possibilities of re-assembling and re-signifying leftovers. He is planning to use old structures of furnitures and find new shapes and possible usages. As he has a particular interest in nature and gardening, he tends to combine the natural and artificial into elements which sustain each other.