Moments & Monuments: MemoryGames — On the Tracks - Nina Prader

Nina Prader ( United States )

Nina Prader works individually and collectively on present-day commemoration social-practices and researched on subcultures, creating printed matters and radio broadcasts.

The site-specific research on World-War II history around the former Güterbahnhof Moabit and Westhafen area as well as applied dialogical tool MemoryGames to certain commemoration sites.

MemoryGames is an artists book-zine that facilitates discursive monuments. The tool was designed in 2014 in Vienna to start personal and historical storytelling and conversation about 1938 to the present and build communicative bridges in memory now. The tool was used in the frame of the project: Voices / Stimmen within a collective reading group and a visit to the monument at the commemoration site of the former Güterbahnhof, Moabit, where participants workshopped a blue-print for a new civil rights game. The Voices/Stimmen project group reflected on these events with a publication: Voices / Stimmen: Reclaiming the Public as a Political Space with ZK/U Press.

Arts Nina Prader also worked on radio broadcast Paper & Tape: Audio on Printed Matters on 94.0, Radio Orange, Community Radio, Vienna and co-produced a radio-essay and show with Alex Head, entitled Assembling America, questioning the political discourses around the notion of the monument today for subtext on 199 radio.