Speisekino - Berlin x Chengdu: A Second Date

June 29 /// 7:30 pm - 00:00 am

ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

After last year’s success, the special curated open-air Speisekino program - “Berlin x Chengdu” is back!

On the “second date”, let’s enjoy together again a cozy summer evening filled with authentic Chengdu street food, curated music, short film screenings, celebrate the rich blend of cultures between Berlin and Chengdu!

For those who might not know Chengdu well (yet), envision it as China's Berlin - an all-embracing city in Sichuan Province, from its affordable rents and low living costs to inclusive attitudes towards diverse groups. Chengdu is a city for all. 

From queer rave parties and alternative art spaces to 24/7 bookstores nested in residential buildings, factory-turned-cultural hubs, and rooftop music bars pulsating with local bands, Chengdu fosters a flourishing independent and grassroots artistic culture. Its inhabitants epitomize a blend of resilience and creativity, which is both cultivated within and generously contributed back to their city.



For this year’s summer Speisekino, we are presenting 6 short films, including animation, documentary and feature. Like last year, we handpick film works from emerging and talented filmmakers who are connected to Chengdu/Sichuan Province. 



We will surprise you with authtehic Sichuanese cuisine! Our experienced chef from Sichuan will take you on a gastronomic journey straight to the heart of Chengdu. Savor the famous Sichuan peppercorn's numbing heat, the exquisite Sichuanese popcorn chicken, sweet and sour rib, and enjoy vegan options too: pommes frites in Sichuanese style, spicy cold noodles, and Sichuanese fruit jelly,  all authentically represening the region's food culture. 



More surprise to come! ​​We invite a special guest - DJ Menki, who will share her captivating set played in Chengdu before and make sure everyone enjoys the sunset immersed in the pulse of her music.



19:30 - 20:00   Entrance

20:00 - 22:00   Food, Drinks, Music, Socializing

22:00 - 22:15   Opening presentation 

22:15 - 23:15   Screening 

23:15 - 23:25   Intermission 

23:25 - 00:00   Screening

00:00               End

Film Lineup

Here comes to the highlight of our program: we are thrilled to present you with a curated selection of six interesting and diverse short films, each crafted by the innovative minds of emerging filmmakers from Sichuan and Chongqing region. 


《坏掉的土豆》Broken Potato

Mysterious holes appear in a town, spurring crowds to pursue their desires. This metaphorical film uses the holes as various aspects of an entity, providing rich, newspaper-like information in each animated frame, which imitates the act of keeping up with the fast-paced contemporary world.


《黑盒》Undetectable Box

This short film brings to life a surrealistic portrayal of a teenager's blossoming secret crush, with vivid imaginations and lively rhythms. It is a kaleidoscope that illustrates the rich, vast, and ever-changing world ensconced within a teenager’s mind, and delves deep into the realms of communication and subconsciousness, enlightening the viewer about the hidden dimensions of the human psyche.


《物语》the memory of mine

Amidst urbanization and historical progression, an old house that represents the ebb and flow of generational existence is facing its fate of being demolished. A mother and son revisit the house to bid farewell to their past. The film is inspired by the imminent destruction of the director's ancestral home for railway development.


《熊猫熊猫》Panda Panda

On an ordinary morning, a girl experiences unexpected sexual arousal triggered by a television scene depicting the mating rituals of pandas. The film projects female desire in an extraordinarily surreal fashion and a fantastical manner.


《陌路狂欢》Strangers In Paradise

The short film documents the endeavours of "Chilldo", a Chengdu-based underground party collective dedicated to creating LGBTQ+ friendly events in southern Chinese cities. As the curtains fell on the year 2020, they leaped into the embrace of the new year. 


《相聚一刻》Water Under the Bridge

Two girls, back in their hometown of Yibin, forge an unexpected connection through a Tinder match. Through the lens of the female director, she wants to explore intimate female dialogues and bonds, and contemplate an existential query: will the world change us, or will we change ourselves?