OPENHAUS 27/03/2014

Open studios, screenings and performances

With Gabriella Hirst, Jan Körbes, Natacha Mankowski, Fabiano Marques, Ana Mendes, Studio Osk (Will Loft, Tom Pendergast and Ben Waters), Julio Pastor, Heather Pringle, Gen Sasaki and Masaki Yada.

From 5pm: Wasteland Picnic held by Heather Pringle
In the Wasteland West from ZK/U you are invited to a Wasteland Picnic thought as an experimental-discussion-snaking space. Feel free to bring food, drinks and blankets.

7.30pm: Ana Mendes, presentation of the project This is my God

8pm: Masaki Yada, performance lecture on the critical examination of postmodern legacy

Ongoing: Fabiano Marques, Die Rollbahn, participative performance 

8pm-12am: DJ sets in the cellar

27.03-30.03, 4pm-8pm: Julio Pastor, Model for the Unfinished

Gabriella Hirst

Gabriella Hirst

Gabriella Hirst will be exhibiting the projects she developed over the last two months as a ZKU fellow.

Her installation ‘Locals’ in the development site next to the ZKU is comprised of 24 paintings of local bird species on silk flags. It is a memoriam to the 111 poplar trees that lined Siemenstrasse before they were felled to accommodate the building of a Gastro-Markt, and the 24 bird nests counted in these trees by a local resident in the days before the felling.

In the ZKU exhibition hall Hirst will be exhibiting the kinetic sculpture ’16:00 - 20:00, 16/03/2014’, as part of a performance piece where the artist attempted to accurately ‘capture’ a sunset in 9 silk paintings, one executed per half hour. The performance took place in the wasteland adjacent to the ZKU: plein air painting in a field of urban transition and debris.

Hirst’s studio will also be open through the 27th presenting support material.

Jan Körbes - Silo City

Jan Körbes - Silo City

Silo City opens the pool season: An old 1000 liter water tank will be transformed into a wood-fired hot tub installation. Visitors are welcome to join, take a bath, and observe Moabit's industrial surrounding at dark.


Natacha Mankowski - White Hole

Natacha Mankowski - White Hole

"A white hole is an hypothetical region of space-time which only exist in the past, and can only be entered from the inside."

In collaboration with Laure Jaffuel and Jacob Hohmann, “White hole” is an exhibition presenting the process and work of Natacha Mankowski, elaborated during her residency at ZK/U. 

Coming from an architectural practice, she pushes forward the codes and tools of our usual representations of space, by inviting us into an immersive experience.

Through a series of “spatial still-lives”, the visitor enters a labyrinth of interiors : a pool, an empty room, a smell, a floor … from hypothetical scenarios to virtual ruins, her work tends to explore the trace of man through space.

Fabiano Marques

Fabiano Marques - Die Rollbahn

A Call for a collective-collaborative translation and reassembling of the book with the same title by Kosalik

While cycling along the spree in Moabit, not far from ZK/U, I came across with some large barges that were totally empty apart from a small book dumped in one of them. Out of curiosity I collected the book and brought it back to my studio. After a brief Internet search, I learn about the famous German author and vaguely about this particular romance that tells the fate without scape of the German soldiers when invading the Soviet Union on WWII.

I’d like to ask German speakers who are willing to participate in the project to pick a page at random from the book and summarise it. The sum of the different readings on an order that involves chance and selection may indicate the fate of this particular copy of the book. What would now probably be buried under a pile of sand in the spree may or may not generate an alternate reading of the novel.

This is an experiment of collective creation on how to deal with collective memory while playing with short memory and the imaginative skills involved in synthesis, translation, and the spoken word in an open mic format.

Ana Mendes - This is my God

Ana Mendes - This is my God

"THIS IS MY GOD" is a photographic series and video collection developed over the last two years in the UK, Belgium, Germany in which I explored the identity of immigrants together with the concept of otherness and spirituality. After a couple of exhibitions in Portugal, Germany, Ireland and Poland, I am bringing this project back to where it started: Germany. I wish to give a continuity to this work, at the same that I will introduce a new one: a photographic series, made in black and white, analog photography, in which I will play with memory, oppression, identity, torture and objects. This is a social engaged project to be developed with citizens in Germany, UK and France. I am willing to understand to what extend the present context in which we live now – economical crisis, fear and repression – struggles the private life/universe of citizens in different countries and backgrounds. The result will be displayed in Autumn at Maisons Daura – Maisons d’Arte George Pompidou, Cajac, France, where I am attending a Residency program.

During the open studios at ZK/U, I will show some of the portraits and videos of my previous collection ‘This is My God’, opening up the new project to the local community to take part in.

Julio Pastor - Model for the Unfinished

Julio Pastor - Model for the Unfinished 

Exhibition dates and times : 27.03-30.03.2014, 4pm-8pm

An old woman in Shanghai goes to sleep. When she wakes up, she finds that all the houses of her neighbours have been bulldozed to the ground. Hers is the last house left in the middle of a wasteland. This wasteland is in its turn the last one in a neighbourhood of newly built skyscrapers. Some believe urban infrastructure is changing too fast. It happens to such a degree that sometimes it is difficult to recognize the familiar features, which allowed you to differentiate a place as your home.

In Berlin, however things are different. In 1910 Karl Scheffler wrote: “The tragedy of a fate… condemns Berlin forever to become and never to be.”

In Berlin, an old woman is shocked when she wakes up and finds that nothing has changed. She worries when she discovers that buildings are made of inflexible materials.

What will happen when people have to adapt to yet another economic or political change?

Heather Pringle

Heather Pringle

A playful look at renewing friendships with lost spaces and forgotten patches of earth. Extending from interactive sculptural forms Heather Pringle begins a series of projects looking at rehabilitating sites through the simplicity of commonplace actions and the bringing together of different components, objects, dishes and people.

Join for an open-air Wasteland Picnic on Thurs 27th from 4pm, share, snack and enjoy the space in the first of a sequence of social events occupying little areas of land and breathing life back into barren soils.The development site beside ZK/U will be the first host spot, hope to see you there.

Gen Sasaki - Landscape

Gen Sasaki - Landscape


In collaboration with Jesper Alvaer, Ni Kun, Keiichi Miyagawa, Gen Sasaki, Hisao Sotoda and more will participate in during the continuous project.

HOTEL ASIA PROJECT presents a new collaborative project under the theme of “LANDSCAPE” which begins as an installation program at ZK/U Berlin in March 2013. And it travels to Kitakyushu (Japan), Chongqing (China), Oslo (Norway) and Prague (Czech Republic) as a touring program.

The project consists of re-mixed fragments of information, such as images, sounds, texts and so on, reproduced as a new LANDSCAPE in the age of globalization.

Along with geographical landscapes, any cultural, historical, social, and political landscapes from various backgrounds will be intertwined with each other in the project. It will show another landscapes with different context or aspect of them, re-translated ones.


Studio Osk - The built language of preservation and progression in Berlin

Studio Osk - The built language of preservation and progression in Berlin

Studio Osk will present a set of drawings documenting the intrinsic built language of Berlin; a frictious display of preservation and progression at once, represented in the form of steel tubing, safety mesh and warning signs.

This work will be a 'jumping off point', forming ideas and areas of interest that will inform their main focus during the residency; the creation of a large urban object, a public pavilion to provoke and engage the local social context.

Masaki Yada

Masaki Yada

Masaki will give a performance lecture on the critical examination of postmodern legacy.

It will start at 8pm.