Project at ZK/U - Studio Osk

Studio Osk ( Australia )

Studio Osk will design and build a temporary sculpture/pavilion for events showcasing the work of local and international artists based at the ZK/U. The pavilion will be a piece of public infrastructure, somewhere amid art and architecture, a lively platform to hold exhibitions, workshops, performances and film screenings.

It will be built using materials directly associated with construction sites, scaffolding, security fencing etc. Materials generally used as a means to provide or deny access to a construction site, will become the building itself. To erect scaffolding is to alter that part of the city which lies beneath, like a cocoon around a moth or a surgical blanket over a patient. This construction paraphernalia has become so common in the urban environment that we can barely walk a kilometre through a city without expecting to pass beneath some scaffolding, around a temporary fence or past a new development. The effect this has can be overwhelming to those who feel nostalgic about our cities pasts and are resistant to change. The intention of the cube is to relate to those feelings of awkwardness, insecurity and fears of change, as well as to provide an arena for discourse and contemplation over the manic alterations happening to cities on a global scale.

This construction is temporary, once the scaffolding is removed the site will exist exactly as it had before, but the change to the city we hope to encourage is not to its physical façade, rather to its inhabitants awareness of their own insecurities and fears.