Making Art to Broaden Definitions of Stakeholders in Urban Processes - Hannah Ekin and Jorgen Doyle

Hannah Ekin and Jorgen Doyle

Hannah Ekin and Jorgen Doyle hope to utilise their time at ZK/U to take a more reflective stance on a period of intensive activity and community engagement (under the umbrella of an artistic project with two Jakarta artists and North Jakarta coastal communities, which we call Ziarah Utara) to shift their artistic practice towards new modes of production; radio, writing, and publication. Ekin and Doyle plan to reflect on the goals of our engagement with Jakarta, and more specifically, North Jakarta, and think about what our work there might look like into the future. They will use the residency at ZK/U to develop a comparative position from which to think through the relationships between the highly specific context of North Jakarta and broader processes, and to explore a different repertoire of responses to such processes in Berlin. 


As well as using their time in Berlin to develop and present work relating to our project in Jakarta, Ekin and Doyle would like to conduct research into initiatives here in Berlin such as Haus der Statistik where broad coalitions of activists, community groups, artists etc., are trying to work with the city government to develop democratic social spaces. We want to deepen our understanding of the challenges and opportunities these engagements bring up. This may become a zine, publication, or radio show to be shared with our coalition of friends who are beginning to do the same things in Jakarta. 


The artists intend for this research to result in multiple (modest) outputs. These include the construction of a website to function as a collaborative platform for hosting research and artistic endeavours relating to our ongoing project in Jakarta Bay and a means of inviting a broader group of collaborators into the future, and the production of a extended prose poem/refrain to be combined with collected found sound to become the basis of a radio show on sub_text and the basis of a new video work.