Project at ZK/U - Kristino Rav

Kristino Rav ( Estonia )

Kristino Rav is a performance artist and academician whose artistic practice blurs the distinctions between performative and non-performative situations. Kristino collaborates frequently, and expands duration and repetition to stimulate ruptures within everyday interactions. Her site-specific performances also expose audiences to spaces that are often inaccessible or somewhat hidden—from luxurious rental apartments to abandoned elevators. Kristino´s interests and training in arts drives her theoretical practice, which investigates and compares failures both within cultural and contemporary artistic processes—failures as repressions or challenges within dominant ideological discourses. The main focus in her research is set on uncovering an oxymoron, that is, successful failure.

The project at ZK/U is the first part of a planned triology and follows her theoretical research. She is leading a number of workshops in order to introduce, but also to enlarge the scope of failure. Stay tuned!