OPENHAUS 23/01/2014

Shirin Sabahi, Peninsula #1, 2013

Open studios, screenings and performances

Performances by Rait Rosin at 7.30pm and 9pm

With Beth Dynowski, Natacha Mankowski, Fabiano Marques, Cédric Noel and Mira Sanders, Kristin Orav, Rait Rosin, Shirin Sabahi, Gen Sasaki.

Artists and researchers in residence will open the doors of their studios and present the projects they have developed during their time at ZK/U.

The public is invited to come and take a look into the artists' studios, get familiar with the different projects that are presented, as well as meet the residents and discuss their works with them. 



Beth Dynowski

Beth Dynowski

Beth Dynowski shows a series of works in progress developed here at ZK/U as part of her ongoing activity in Berlin where she is producing a body of work for exhibition in the Spring and Summer of 2014 in Scotland. Her practice explores the immediacy of material encounters, engaging in a visual language and an economy of expression in relation to the forms and materials she works with. 

Natacha Mankowski

Natacha Mankovski

How to translate the sensation of a vivid space through image ?
The feel of wet floor, the smell of a surface ?
How do you translate the sensation of the touch? The feel of the depth ?
What is it that you're seeing all the time ? What is it that you 're understanding ? "

Fascinated by hollowed architecture and empty used spaces, I want to question painting as an immersive medium to transcript space. 

Fabiano Marques

Fabiano Marques

A series of paintings distributed in space, connecting galleries and alleys of a mine-like environment filled with artworks. Guided by light and instinct, the map of the maze appears to be close to grasp just to vanish on the turn of a corner.

Kristino Rav

Kristino Rav

Kristino is presenting her new body of work, realized in collaboration with Fabiano Marques and  with the help of Raul Taremaa, which pictures her attempts to find balance while holding onto a bedframe found at the Beelitz Heilstätten – an abandoned hospital complex near Berlin.

Kristino's interests and training in arts derives her theoretical practice which investigates and compares failures within cultural and contemporary artistic processes – failures as repressions and challanges within dominant ideological discourses. Her project at the ZK/U is focused on exploring what it means to fail as well as how does one fail in arts? You are invited to discuss and share your ideas/examples!


Her stay is supported by the Estonian Culture Capital and the Estonian Humanitarian Institute.

Rait Rosin

Rait Rosin - Rubik cube in action

In this performance involving the Rubik cube I am trying to show that constructed elements around us are not dependent on our functionalist modes of being. Every function which we find to have enough "normal" character to be used, has once been constructed by people like us. They first had to  struggle with their traditions and customs. Rubik cube is also a way to get away from the pressure of everyday life. Simple-minded player could finally relax and lose the weight from its shoulders and just focus on this simple game. Struggling with a colour game shows us the direct link to the source of our energy basis, because of the numerous suppressed social codes and standards. 

I am currently planning to go with this wheeled Rubik cube on the streets of Moabit. It is the prolongation of my "swerving" activity that took place in the past years in the streets of Tallinn.

Shirin Sabahi

Shirin Sabahi

Shirin Sabahi shows a component of a larger installation: a sequence of still images from familiar dance moves, with changing pace and proximity of bodies.

Mira Sanders and Cédric Noel

Mira Sanders and Cédric Noel - The Mental Masonry Lab

Mira Sanders & Cédric Noël present THE MENTAL MASONRY LAB.  An artistic project that invites the spectator to reflect on public space through exercises of the imagination. The work is in progress...

Gen Sasaki

Gen Sasaki - Sources for E87_001 - _003

E87 is web and free magazine project presented by Hisao Sotoda and Gen Sasaki.

The project attempts to present a kind of mass information landscape as a layer of the world we live.