Project at ZK/U - Mauro Espíndola, Camila Mello, Ali Khodr

Mauro Espíndola ( Brazil ), Camila Mello ( Brazil ), Ali Khodr ( Brazil )


Mauro Espíndola (b. 1962, Brazil. Based in Rio de Janeiro).
Ali Khodr (b. 1980, Lebanon/Brazilian nationality. Lives and works in Paris).
Camila Mello (b. 1976, Brazil. Works in collaborative platforms).


Fernanda Albertoni (b.1981, Brazil. Based in London)

Fernanda Albertoni is an art researcher and currently investigating  in her PhD the re-inscription of history by visual artists that reflects an old South-American colonial heritage: the archive as a mapping and exploration device on.

Michel Daccache (b. 1980, France. Based in Paris)

Michel Daccache is a sociologist. After studying political science and philosophy, he specialized in sociology of knowledge, science and culture.

Manuela Eichner (b. 1984, Brazil. Based in São Paulo since 2009)

Manuela Eichner works with actions and videoart in collaboration with other artists as the project “Cambana”, a documentary about a group of Calón gypsies in the Northest of Brazil. In 2013 participated of the group show UTROPIC in Poznan, Poland. As an illustrator, produces collage for several magazines and newspapers as "Folha de São Paulo". cargocollective.com/manuelaeichner

Fabrizio Poltronieri (b. 1976, Brazil. Based in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro)

Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri is an artist and researcher of new media and computational aesthetics. Holding a PhD in Semiotics he undertook a postdoctoral research at Royal College of Art, London, on the early days of computer art. His current research efforts are focused on the production of scientific knowledge through the use of post-historical codes.

BLANK is an on going experimental film project that has been performed through residencies organized in collaboration with other artists and researches along the year. The project involves:

# immersive environments in the residences conjectures;
# performances and actions connected to the place of oblivion;
# a film around 25/30min;
# a book-document with a dvd.

As an iniciative of BASE-Film, a process based collaborative platform for audiovisual production, BLANK is an living "space" for interactions, knowledge exchanges and forms to work collectivelly.Images from previous experiences are available at: https://www.facebook.com/BASEprojectsand

Story Line

"ANA flips through pages in a folder containing a transcript that accounts conflicted memories connected to her life. Occlusive manifestations and recurring images produce an irremediable lapse that takes ANA back to the place where the described facts had happen".


With the support of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture.