Blaues Licht im Park - PARKomplex

(c) PARKomplex, 2021


PARKomplex first joint project is to be on the topic of racism and police violence in public spaces. The police, especially the criminal police, have increased their presence in the Wessi since the beginning of the pandemic and sometimes take people with them to the precinct. Some of PARKomplex friends therefore hardly dare to go to the park anymore. Intimidating police checks are not only a problem in the Wessi. PARKomplex wants to deal with this phenomenon on the basis of our everyday experience and open a dialogue in our park. 

For this PARKomplex will initiate a process of exchange of experiences. On the Urban Stage (BauSchilderung), a container construction installed by the Center for Art and Urbanism (ZK/U, an art and cultural institution located in the middle of Wessi), PARKomplex will organize an open exchange with people from the park and interested people. Talking about experiences on the roofs of the containers will empower each other and we can work together on strategies to inform and show solidarity. 

Based on these experiences, PARKomplex wants to create artistic interventions in Wessi and in social media. PARKomplex will host Sarah Buser, an artist who has expertise on site specific AR (Augmented Reality) installation. Then PARKomplex will develop an AR scene together, to reveal simultaneous but different realities among bodies existing in our beloved park, Wessi. Who has power to claim space and censor bodies? How do we reclaim our space and empower our bodies? 


This project "Blaues Licht im Park” is funded by Fonds Soziokultur.