PARKomplex is a hyperdynamic group as the diverse people you can encounter in the park. A growing group of people; Dewen Kohshnaw, Adrian Omerovic, Nele Rathke, Las Shusha, Nadia Zimmer, Ki Hyun Park, Mazen Abdul-Halim, Lukas Geßner and Anthony Römer. The starting point of PARKomplex journey is the “injustice in public space” perceived by the founders of PARKomplex over a longer period of time. 

PARKomplex expertise ranges from philosophy to design to music, community art to anti-racism, feminism, and coping with everyday life in and around the Wessi-Moabiter Stadtgarten. Despite PARKomplex different positions in the park, PARKomplex wants one thing: justice in the Wessi. That's why PARKomplex came together to form a COMMUNITY, the PARKOMPLEX.  

Out of the park, beyond, out of the public space and into private life. PARKomplex flourishes in the summer. PARKomplex is fluid, process-oriented and experimental, sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent. For whom? PARKomplex is open to all who are open to PARKomplex. PARKomplex wants to support each other in their artistic and activist practice.