Serendipitous history - the Vertragsarbeiter - Luamba Muinga

(c) Luamba Muinga, 2021

Luamba Muinga ( Angola )

Serendipitous history is a multi-part project to explore possibilities for perspectives in contemporary political history in Angola. The “Vertragsarbeiter” part traces the lives of foreign workers hired through an agreement between the former GDR and socialist countries.

The project has its starting point in a family history, starting with the life of an uncle, César Gola Guiri, who was a bookseller in downtown Luanda in late 80’s, and joins the nearly 6,000 other Angolans who – during an estimated five-year period – worked hard as part of a national construction project.

The project establishes the intersection of body and memory, integrating the languages of performance, sound installation and archives. This integration intends to look at the sensitivities of a body and establish relations between personal idealism and political realism (re-evaluating a discussion by Beauvoir), as elements of connection to the land.