Luamba Muinga


Luamba Muinga (Luanda, 1995) is a curator, producer, cultural critic and writer. He co-authored Are we not makers of history? (Bag Factory, Johannesburg, 2020) with Mozambican curator Sara Carneiro. Furthermore, he coordinated “LabCC –  Laboratório de Crítica e Curadoria” an art platform for young curators and art critics from Luanda. He has acted in curatorial projects for FNB Art Johannesburg (2020) presenting an independent project with Helena Uambembe; the collective exhibition Qual Futuro (2020) of LabCC; exhibition/performance Amazónia Paz (2019) by Pemba; and performance acts Mwata (2019) by Mussunda Nzombo. Luamba is the coordinator of Don´t Waste, Create (2020, first edition), an environmental art prize for Angoalissar company. He is co-founder of the art magazine Palavra & Arte and has published art articles and reviews in Cultura – Jornal Angolano de Arte e Letras. He hosts ART APPRECIATION, a program of events focused on author cinema and video art.

Luamba Muinga is a participant of the TURN2 Residencies’ programme.