USSR 1926 / BERLIN 1927

Live score to silent movies by We Stood Like Kings

After having performed live in ZK/U in 2014 to the silent movie 'Berlin: Symphony of a Great City', belgian band We Stood Like Kings comes back this autumn to present their second album, composed to Dziga Vertov's 1926 „A Sixth Part of the World“.

On that evening they will perform to both these silent films in the Main Hall of ZK/U.

Entrance: 8€


6 pm: Berlin 1927
8 pm: USSR 1926

Delicious Corean food prepared by chef Minju Kim will be sold and served before and in between the movies.

More about We Stood Like Kings

By composing a second modern soundtrack to a silent movie, the band aims at establishing itself as a reference act in terms of live rock soundtracks to silent film classics.

USSR 1926 marks the follow-up to BERLIN 1927. This live soundtrack to Walther Ruttmann's „Symphony of a Great City“ was released in 2014 and played more than 80 times in concert and cinema halls across Europe.

„A Sixth Part of the World“ is a cultural heritage of an inestimable value, showing the lifestyle and traditions of the incredibly diverse populations that inhabited the immense territory of the Soviet Union.

We Stood Like Kings stand where instrumental rock meets classical music. Expect complex post-rock with strong progressive influences, entangled melodies and an adventurous mixture of intensity and refinement. From ambient to epic and from moody to bright, We Stood Like Kings' music is constantly evolving, every new layer beautifully blending into a new unexpected dimension. References are bands like Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

The new album USSR 1926 will be released by german label Kapitän Platte on vinyl, CD and digital on October 30th, 2015. A 6-week promotional tour across Europe will follow the release concert in the band's hometown Brussels, Belgium

We Stood Like Kings - Line-up

Judith Hoorens: Piano, Synthesizer
Steven Van Isterdael: Gitarre
Colin Delloye: Bass
Mathieu Waterkeyn: Schlagzeug