OPENHAUS 24-27/07/2014

Open studios, performances and installations

Opening: 24.07 - 6:30pm

Opening times:
24.07 - 6.30pm-10.30pm
25-27.07 - 3pm-8pm


6.30pm-10.30pm Pizza-Making-Evening, bring your favorite toppings - with Jesper Aabille

9pm: 'Let us trim our hair in accordance with the sound lifestyle' - Live haircut by Saem Lee

9pm: 'Deleuze in a nutshell' -Workshop by Masaki Yada

8pm: Workshop by Masaki Yada, 'Deleuze in a nutshell'

7pm: Workshop by Masaki Yada, 'Deleuze in a nutshell'

4pm: 'Share economies and honey trades' - Focus Group by Tessa Zettel and Sumugan Sivanesan

5pm: Die Insel - Walking Tour by Asha Bee Abraham

6pm: Hoffmann's Life Table - Workshop by Saem Lee

6pm: Want to try steel pizza-drum? Let’s make your own, with Jesper Aabille

7pm: 'Deleuse in a nutshell' Workshop by Masaki Yada


Jesper Aabille - Pizza Steel Drum

Jesper Aabille - Pizza Steel Drum

A new module is evolving; the pizza steel-drum. What better way than a little pizza-party.

Bring you favorite pizza-ingredient and we make lots of pizzas together.

Asha Bee Abraham - Die Insel

Asha Bee Abraham - Die Insel (Mapped) / Die Insel (Andenken)

Die Insel (Mapped)

Our stories build the city, brick by brick, paragraph by paragraph. During the Openhaus, Asha Bee Abraham will launch the Die Insel Storymap to mark the culmination of her 4-month participatory art and human ecology project in Moabit. The Die Insel Storymap is a window to some of the stories that connect the people of Moabit to the places that are meaningful to them in the simplest of ways. All places were marked and described by the people of Moabit as part of the Die Insel project. Collect your map, join Asha on a short tour of Moabit and share your own secrets of the neighbourhood. 

Die Insel (Andenken) - In collaboration with Ana Tiquia

Die Insel (Andenken) is an interactive digital installation of mementos that tell the stories connecting the people and places of Moabit. This installation is one of the outcomes of the 4-month Die Insel project which has gathered stories from the neighbourhood through participatory mapping. Each object, selected by a Moabit resident symbolises their relationship with a place in their neighbourhood. Pick up the objects to hear their stories.


Denise Bergelino and Diana Rangel (Picture Berlin)

Denise Bergelino and Diana Rangel (Picture Berlin)

Re-reading domestic and public spaces through overlooked mundane situations and objects of daily life. The private and the public set in a complex structure of individual and collective memory, encoding our surroundings, through images, writing and interacting with people and space.

Anna Daniszewski (Picture Berlin)

Anna Daniszewski (Picture Berlin)

Anna Daniszewski produces her photography through the creation of new non-physical landscapes. Daniszewski treats photographs and documents from the past, as well as the world within our computer screens, as spaces to explore, compose images, and shoot. During her residency at PICTURE BERLIN, Daniszewski now has the chance to explore a new world of imagery and its associated history from the perspective of a visitor to this unique city.

Maíra das Neves and Pedro Victor Brandão - The þit, financial sculpture

Maíra das Neves and Pedro Victor Brandão - The þit, financial sculpture

Maíra das Neves and Pedro Victor Brandão will present at the upcoming Openhaus at ZK/U one financial sculpture, named Gigante Minerador (Giant Miner), that was developed earlier this year as part of their project the þit, whitin the Archipel in√est, curated by KUNSTrePUBLIK for Urbane Künste Ruhr.

Gigante Minerador will be on display, working online, producing heat and mining cryptocurrencies on the site. It is one part of the model developed and applied as the þit in Oer-Erkenshwick. The þit is a self-sufficient system that produces natural and financial resources for the local community use, from April to August, 2014.


Marianna De Nadal (Picture Berlin)

Marianna De Nadal (Picture Berlin)

The objects in display are in-progress experiments towards recreating the sound of a train passing by ZK/U station, a tribute to time and space´s memory. Rolling the prototypes against the wooden beams of ZK/U´s floor, the audience can explore what the artist is looking for. The aim is that the final sculpture will function as an autonomous clock, rolling hidden under the beams, making the rolling noise every hour -up to twelve times-, like a bell-tower clock. De Nadal is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker working in the borderline between performance, animated sculpture and video. She creates subtle interventions to suggest alternative ways to read the environment.

Debbie Ding

Debbie Ding 

A reading corner where you can read some of the new and old materials from archives of the Singapore Psychogeographical Society, including a new series of 20 stories about a city which should be strangely familiar to everyone, but also uncanny.



Catherine Evans (Picture Berlin)

Catherine Evans (Picture Berlin)

Catherine Evans is concerned with an exchange of material and scale in reference to the body and geologic formations. In her current work she is experimenting with the base materials of photography and the unfixed image.

Luca Forcucci - Ecoutes imaginaires

Luca Forcucci - Ecoutes imaginaires

Realities, in which memories, cognitions, perceptions are coined and ready to emerge. Realities appearing as multiple layers and folds in which the imaginary sound is ready to be listened.

Daniel Jewesbury

Daniel Jewesbury

Daniel Jewesbury, an artist and writer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is researching links between the death of the neoliberal city and the cities of the dead: graveyards, cemeteries and burial grounds. He is working on a film, 'Necropolis' and devising new performance works whilst at ZK/U.

Saem Lee and Narae Jin - Yoo Who ?

Saem Lee and Narae Jin - Yoo Who ? 

Our project in ZK/U is involved with finding Yoo Byung-eun, a dissapeared entrepreneur, artist, and fraud at the same time. According to his website, he can be described as an inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, environmental activist, martial artist, painter, sculptor, poet, and photographer. The Incheon District Court issued an arrest warrant and Korean authorities offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of Yoo. Now it is a nation wide phenomena to have a neighborhood meeting to find him in South Korea. The work will take a form of neighborhood community meeting.

24.07, 9pm: Let us trim our hair in accordance with the sound lifestyle - Live haircut

We offer a relatively generous range of 28 hairstyles for its citizens, the most comfortable styles and capable of warding off the corrupting effects of capitalism.
To keep your hair tidy and simple is a very important matter for setting the ethos of a sound lifestyle in the city. Hair is a very important issue that shows the people's cultural standards and mental and moral state. People who follow other styles will become fools and that nation will come to ruin.
Latest arch enemy, the wrong haircut! 

27.07, 6pm: Hoffmann's Life Table - Workshop

Calculating the lump sum to be paid in compensation for personal death, Participants are being evaluated using various sources obtained from insurance companies to Statistics Korea.
Do not surprise by private questions. Extracted numbers during the process are being transported to monitor with trendy music streaming.
During the process, we learn how one get measured and materialized, capitalized by laws and regulations.

Laura Lindlief (Picture Berlin) Bound 1–3

Laura Lindlief (Picture Berlin) Bound 1–3

The Bound series is a collection of images projecting their constraints by way of physical object space and flattened into a digital image on the wall. In every culture and society we are bound by history, expectation and ideology. Bound features objects that can suppress you reeling you in with their provocative manner. 

Octora Permana

Octora Permana

During my stay at ZK/U i have been exploring the roles of humans in history through the perspective of the "winner" and the "loser" ("victim"). This ongoing project is related to Indonesia’s dark history from 1965. I have been exploring costumes and uniforms from a visual perspective. Uniforms are strongly linked to the concepts of identity and social roles. In my studio at ZK/U i have been working on an installation. 

Laura Schneider (Picture Berlin)

Memories once removed is a term I use to refer to people 
or places I was either not alive to experience or too young to remember, but have inherited nonetheless through the construct of family identity and group memory. Recent works have stemmed from such memories, in particular a collection of my mother’s childhood photos that impart 
a black and white world of the 1950s. Looking at images or artifacts reminds of the distance of time, felt almost as physical force of removal, and the space absence takes up. I mine such family photos, home videos and possessions in order to investigate the familiar giving away to the mysterious, the foreign, or the incomprehensible.

Hsuan Wu (Picture Berlin) Breakfast-On-The-Go Project / Homemade Crossing

Hsuan Wu (Picture Berlin) Breakfast-On-The-Go Project / Homemade Crossing

Breakfast-On-The-Go Project

I’m interested in how people uncosciously define themselves through the mundane routines. Such as breakfast. What do you like to have for breakfast somehow reflects your identity. The time I was working at a youth hostel in Taiwan, I got to observe the phenomenon: no matter how open those travellers are to the foreign cultures, people still like to start a day with something they are familiar with. Those daily routines therefore become rituals, through which an identity is defined.

Homemade Crossing

Homemade Meal along Slovenia Border Image Making Project. 2013/06  ~ on going

The idea of “border” is too romantic for a person like me who grew up on an island surrounded by water. 

I wonder how the neighbouring cultures would influence on the people living on the borders, and how those people identify themselves. For a country like Slovenia, which is 1/3 smaller than Taiwan but is surrounded by 4 countries with diverse cultures, everyone is basically living by the border. I am curious how they see their national identity. Therefore, I traveled to Slovenia in the summer of 2013. I moved along the border by doing couchsurfing. I asked the hosts to cook a homemade meal for me.  The influences by the neighboring cultures reflect on the meal they are used to. The diverse tastes and ingredients according to the geographical features all define what for them as “Slovenian cuisine”. Those meals have the trace of the neighbouring cultures, yet for them, that’s the taste of their home.

Masaki Yada


Masaki Yada

24.07 - 9pm
25.07 - 8pm
26.07 - 7pm

Masaki Yada is an art theorist and practicing artist graduated with MAs from Goldsmiths College London and Chelsea College of Art and a BA from St Martins College. This 3 day workshop focuses on some aspects of a prominent French thinker Gilles Deleuze's philosophy. 

The word, "rhizome" has become a part of the lexicon of contemporary art, but do we know who coined it and where it originally appeared? It first came to public attention when Deleuze's collaborative book with Felix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus was published in 1980. The talk also touches on the Deleuzian notion of 'Assemblage'.

The workshop is open to the public. A talk will initially be given by the facilitator ensued by informal discussions. Regardless of whether attendees are well informed with the subjects or not, all attendees are invited to participate in the discussion.

Tessa Zettel and Sumugan Sivanesan

Tessa Zettel and Sumugan Sivanesan - Plan Bienen

A project that investigates urban beekeeping in Berlin. Linking the precarity of bee ecologies with local economies, Plan Bienen speculates on practices of production, exchange and interspecies relations in the post-industrial creative capital.

At the Open Haus, the artists are inviting you to be part of an experimental exchange network in which self-produced honey is traded for various non-monetary things (time, skills, help etc.). Open to beekeepers and honey-eaters alike.

You can also participate in a window installation made of borrowed objects related to bees or honey – if you have anything you might like to lend for a one-week display in August, bring it along.