OPENHAUS 23/04/2015

Open Studios, Screenings and Presentations

Participating artists: Michel de Broin, Steven Cottingham, Pary El-Qalqili, Teodora Kotseva, Jonas Liveröd, Michael Trommer, Julie Trudel, Byungseo Yoo

Tour from 7.30 pm
Screenings from 9.30 pm

Entrance: Free

Michel de Broin - The Trial,  2015


The Trial is a reenactment of a court case that ensued the issuing of a ticket for the operation of an “unsafe vehicle” in Toronto in 2001. The vehicle in question is a 1986 Buick Regal that was stripped of its engine and interior, and transformed into a pedal car. The script of the film is verbatim the transcript from the actual trial, and takes for setting the New York City subway, as the Buick was originally made to lumber slowly through the arteries of New York, congesting the continuous flow of traffic. As the narrative unfurls, it becomes clear that the case against the artist, for operating the unsafe vehicle, is legally lackluster and the judge rules to drop the charges. Here, the artist is at the mercy of the court, and a compelling parallel exists between this court, and New York City itself; New York is in many ways the court of the art world—replete with judge, jury, and prosecution—making its underground transportation network the most appropriate locale for this retelling of The Trial.

Steven Cottingham - We have created nothing of value and I hope we are forgotten when we die

This project comprises a public installation with birdseed in the courtyard of ZK/U. Like much of my work, this project incorporates elements of political cynicism with social awareness amidst suppressed romantic urges.

Pary El-Qalqili - The Turtle's Rage

A 70 min. documentary, The Turtle ́s Rage tells the story of a mysterious man, whose life has been molded by flight, expulsion, life in exile and the failed return to Palestine. A torn biography which was affected tremendously by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The film is composed of a daughter’s search for answers from her father. Answers he cannot give.

Teodora Kotseva (in-house resident curator) will present artist Vikenti Komitski, who is based in Berlin for couple of years now.

Vikenti Komitski brings his wit artistic commentary on objects, installations and ready-mades. His acts are minimal in expression and yet exuberant in saying. His work is characterised by thin humour sometimes bordering cynicism and parody. In a playful manner Komitski comments on various aspects of our life, both personal and socio-political. The artworks he creates are characterised by subtle and intelligent humour, which touches the viewer in very direct and insightful manner. Deliberately he chooses to work with existing objects, twisting their situational reference. Comment and artistic intervention leave a trace, which is always recognisable in his style.


Jonas Liveröd 

Are you interested in any of the following: Lucid dreaming, the raft of Medusa, doubt, things that pretend to be sculpture, the invention of hysteria, embroidered jackets, lost things, found objects, the architecture of insane asylums, misunderstandings, the European fortress, imperfection, memorials, camouflage, absurdism and ambivalence, wood, doppelganger effects or simply glorious failures? Then a visit to swedish artist Jonas Liveröds open studio might be something for you!

Michael Trommer - The Hours of Peace

‘The Hours of Peace’ is an acoustemological study of the Asprovalta region in northern Greece, with a specific focus on the abandoned military site located in Elhatyagva. Although accompanied by a video component, my primary goal for this endeavour was to foreground what ethnographer Steven Feld describes as sound’s ‘physical and emotional presence’. Elhagyatva is an abandoned military base located near Nea Vrasna in the Strymonian Gulf of Greek Macedonia. Its isolated location, however, belies its status as a site of historical relevance and significant cultural intermixing. Built during the political turmoil of post­war Greece, it played an active role in both the conflict between Greece and Turkey as well as subsequent periods of civil unrest within Greece itself. Since its abandonment, the site has served as a summer base for nomadic Roma, a grazing ground for shepherds displaced from their seaside pastures by the commercial interests of the area’s burgeoning tourist industry, as well as a resting spot for beach peddlers ­ mostly from Asia and sub­saharan Africa – travelling between the neighbouring resort towns of Stavros, Nea Vrasna and Asprovalta. The summer season frequently sees the location occupied by campers from some of the poorer neighbouring Balkan states who are unable to afford accommodation in the local hotels and hostels. In addition to the location’s cultural heterogeneity, its location at the mouth of the Volvis river contributes to its considerable biodiversity; it is home to a broad range of both saltwater and freshwater flora, waterfowl and insects along with their accompanying biophony.

Julie Trudel

Abstract painter Julie Trudel will open the door to her studio, where she is currently experimenting with dotted patterns on Plexiglas and other plastic grounds. Those test pieces are the very beginning of a new project about the deformation of patterns by the curving of the panels.

Byungseo Yoo - Living and Thinking as artist practice #02

Living in Zk/U, Thinking about Arts.

Last winter, I landed in Berlin. I was selected as P.s Berlin Residency artist. It is program of Can foundation Seoul and I was first and only artist who it sent however there was no support for cost of living. It was hard time because I haven`t got a money. So ironically I had to work while I`ve sent for art work.

I can`t work in germany because I`m not supposed to (it is illegal) so I had to work in seoul. Mainly it was writing and translation. And I have another small business. It is bottle picking. Unlike Seoul, here in Berlin has funny system called 're­fund'. When you return a empty beer bottle, they give you back 8 cents for each. Germans in general are beer lover so it is kind of easy job. So daytime I go to exhibition and on the way back I pick empty bottle. And In the night I write and think. So basically What I have done so far (in last 4 months) was living and thinking.

But I`m a artist so I have to think about art. I have to create something. Just Living and thinking can not be creation. So I have think about how I can create art piece in the situation where I belong. I have thought and thought, think in day and night. I have thought a lot. And finally I have sort of conclusion that I can create art in where I am now. It is 'Living and Thinking' combination. I mean, 'Living and Thinking', not 'living' and 'thinking'. Just 'living' is 'living' and 'Thinking' is 'Thinking' but 'Living And Thinking' combined, there is tiny possibilities that it could be a creation. A creation on context of contemporary art.

I have thought that the ideology is the gap in between the idea and the reality. So for me, it is a art practice to dismiss the gap in­between my IDEA (Thinking about arts) and the reality (Living in ZK/U) So the following works such as the writings , drawings, and photographs as well as videos and sculpture, and the installations are my practice to dismiss the ideology which belongs to my daily life where I have been, and being in.