OPENHAUS 23/03/2017

OPENHAUS - Offene Studios, Installationen, Workshops, Videos und Resident*innengespräche

Das OPENHAUS ist ein regelmäßig stattfindendes, öffentliches Format des ZK/Us. Das Publikum ist eingeladen die Resident*innen kennenzulernen und mit ihnen über ihre Projekte und Prozesse zu diskutieren.

Diesen Monat kreist das OPENHAUS um persönliche sowie kollektive Erinnerungen in interaktiven Installationen. Alle Besucher*innen werden dazu eingeladen einen Blick hinter die Kulissen der abgeschlossenen und laufenden Projekte der Resident*innen zu werfen und die Geschichte des ZK/U kennenzulernen. Das Programm reicht von Performances, Videos und Installationen bis zu aktiven Künstler*innen-Gesprächen und ermöglicht dem Publikum in die Praxen des künstlerischen Schaffens und Wissensproduktion im urbanen Kontext einzutauchen.

Während dieser Ausgabe des OPENHAUS wird im Gemeinraum zeitgleich die Ausstellung 'Juxtaposing Narratives’ zu sehen sein. 10 internationale Künstler*innen präsentieren ihre Arbeiten, die zwischen 2015 und 2016 im Zuge des Simulizi Mijini / Urban Narratives Residency Programme entstanden sind.

Verpasst nicht die Gelegenheit die Künstler*innen und Forscher*innen kennenzulernen, die Umgebung und Räume des ZK/U’s zu entdecken, Fragen zu stellen und Ideen über laufende Projekte und künstlerische Praxen auszutauschen.


23. März 2017 19:00-22:30



19:00 - 22:30 Offene Studios und Essen von REFUEAT (http://refueat.de/)

20:00 Führung

21:00 Performance-Vortrag von Tori Abernathy


Freier Eintritt


Teilnehmende Resident*innen: Tori Abernathy, Indu Anthony, Bite Back Movement, Juan Conesa, Maj Horn, Julim Rosa, NomadicArt, Byungseo Yoo, Linda Zhang & Tyler Fox


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1614962441864200/

[Translate to Deutsch:] Indu Antony

[Translate to Deutsch:] Memories can be dreams

Personal unconscious memory embraces of all repressed, forgotten or subliminally perceived experiences of one particular individuals existence.

Indu Antony is working on this aspect of the memory by community personal collection of memories and exploring ways of retrieving these forgotten realities. The existence of personal memory in public space and the coping of this sudden surprise.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Bite Back Movement

[Translate to Deutsch:] A Dangerous Figure

A Dangerous Figure was a solo exhibition at Somerset house in 2013, an online app, and a series of urban installations through 2014. Imagine if all the anger and frustration of the UK young unemployed were channeled into a single Everyman-type entity. This digital portrait was created by merging over 10,000 young unemployed people, who logged onto the app or visited the exhibition at Somerset House in 2013 and scanned their faces into the portrait. A Dangerous Figure is therefore a collective icon, a machine with the ability to unite all young unemployed people in the UK into a single ambassador, a face that represents their combined potential, hopes and fears.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Juan Conesa

[Translate to Deutsch:] Trees and birds, birds that do not sing, birds that speak to us of a simulacrum, birds that whispering without need of any song tells us about the substitution of the real for fiction. In that sense the interferences and relationships that are created between the natural and the artificial illuminate with new perspectives what we consider as true and intangible, everything which surrounds us and we accept as real. You watch a tree, the birds that rest on its branches. You let yourself be carried away by fiction.

(text by Alfonso García-Villalba)

Juan Conesa will prepare an installation in the ZK/U garden dealing with the contrasts of artificiality and nature.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Maj Horn

[Translate to Deutsch:] Building the City Together - and other book titles

How to enter the knowledge production that has taken place at ZK/U during the years? How is it documented in printed materials and what other sources are there to be found in the book collection of ZK/U? Being in the beginning of her stay, Maj Horn will work with the book collection to get a deeper understanding of ZK/Us history and to find connections to her own art practice. She will present the process in an installation consisting of printed material, threads and notes.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Julim Rosa

[Translate to Deutsch:] TIME TOGETHER

During the March OPENHAUS, Julim will open her studio and show the work in progress of TIME TOGETHER, the contemporary art project about tattooing she is currently developing at ZK/U.

Instagram: @timetogetherproject


[Translate to Deutsch:] Tyler Fox & Linda Zhang

[Translate to Deutsch:] (an)Other Berlin

Collecting oral histories from local residents, we are working to build a three-dimensional quilt that codifies individual narratives into an ever-expanding living history, telling the stories of how Berliners interact with, and relate to, various sites around the city. Locals have identified these sites as integral to both the landscape and the essence of Berlin – even though they are not necessarily deemed historically important by the state. The individual squares of the quilt are tethered together by the storyteller, who has the power to decide where their story is placed in relation to what has come before. Openhaus participants are asked to add their city stories to the quilt, using memory to contribute to the multifaceted and unending tapestry of Berlin’s history.

[Translate to Deutsch:] Byungseo Yoo

[Translate to Deutsch:] On Lines

On Lines (2017) is a Byungseo´s recent work of serial practice. By using simple media and repetitive gesture, he tries to express simple thing from complicated situations.