Nermin Er - ‘Ways out from the world’ Cappadox 2017 & 'Day Heap Upon Us' 2018

Instagram takeover on 14 May 2020


‘Ways out from the world’ Cappadox 2017

Days Heap Upon Us 2018


The lines in pursuit of shadows we cannot follow.

The falling light, the dim and sharp edges.

The shadow of one becoming the structure of the other.


grazing its own point.

A layered darkness. A state of unfinished construction.

A destruction, its rhythm

dismantling and returning to itself.

The pursuit of empty space as each piece finds its own place.

The dream of a speck en route.

The hope of a shadow.

The blackness pours

unhurriedly on to the white surface finding its way.

The direction the drop pools in.

Smudges that are carried over.

The hurdles along the way becoming the beams.

Tapering, lengthening, raised high

raised high from the ground,

gliding with feet barely touching down

leaving in its path an empty space, trails.

corners that collide, corners that meet

A scene that twitches. Derelict and interior.

The frame stacked, multiple and inward.

A vacuum diminishing,

A heap.           


The stipend of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe is made possible in the frame of a cooperation between the neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK) and the ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik in Berlin as well as DEPO in Istanbul.