Berlin Unlimited

Urban Arts Festival

Why a festival?

Berlin Unlimited is the first transdisciplinary festival gathering arts, architecture and urban discourses to establish a picture of the contemporary Berlin 25 years after the fall of the wall. The 7 days festival settles in the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (ZK/U) in October 2014. A diversified and thrilling programme of workshops, exhibitions, lectures, conferences, film screenings, creative caterings, performances, guided tours and urban parties will take place with numbered artists and special guests, inviting all Berlin enthusiasts to discover a complete narrative of the city based on the contemporary artistic production in context. 

Why Unlimited?

As nowhere else in the world, the limits of Berlin have been changing and evolving, transforming the urban fabric as the way the city is used, lived and comprehended. Nowadays, Berlin is perceived as the international capital of freedom. Is that reputation a myth? What can we learn from Berlin?To define whether Berlin is Limited or Unlimited, the notion of limits will be fragmented. We will question what constitutes a limit. With Unlimited guests, we will explore Walls, Grounds, Times, Powers, Money, Bodies and Distances.  Those fragments of limits will be decomposed, dissected, articulated, experimented, confronted and brought back together to establish a contemporary picture of Berlin. That necessary inventory is meant to be used as a source of inspiration from within the city and beyond.

Berlin Unlimited is a project from Urban transcripts http://urbantranscripts.org, CollageLab www.collagelab.org, and Guerilla Architects http://guerillaarchitects.wordpress.com.

For more information, program and pre-registrations: www.berlinunlimited.org

When: From the 03.10 to the 10.10.14
Where: in the main hall of the ZK/U and around Berlin
Language: English
Exhibition: Free - open from the 04.10 to the 09.10
Vernissage on the 03.10 - 19:00