Berlin Indie Chinese Cinema Week

at Sinema Transtopia

October 20 - 28 2023

For the 2nd edition of Berlin Indie Chinese Cinema Week (ICCW), CiLENS e.V. is set to deliver an enriching, stimulating cinematic experience with 7 feature films and 9 short films from October 20th to 28th. The dedicated ALL-FEMALE ICCW 2023 team collaborated with Sinema Transtopia, where the ICCW will take place.

The theme for this year, "Bridging Horizons through the Sinophone: The Fareway and The Everyday", underscores our ambition to delve into the multifaceted and interconnected realm of the Chinese-speaking world. The curatorship continues to shed light on socio-political subjects, ranging from gender issues, ethnic minorities to migration narratives, urbanization and globalization.

These diverse, intimate and interconnected stories will take Berlin audiences on a journey of exploration, deepening their understanding of contemporary China, the Chinese-speaking world, and its globally influenced localities. 

Visit their website for additional details on the complete lineup of featured (short) films and their panel discussion!