Walla Capelobo


Walla Capelobo, 1992 Brazil. It is a dark forest and fertil mud. Transfeminist and anti-colonial. Researcher and artist that creates in the spiral of time that crosses her life. In the search of being a creole seed capable of regenerating invaded lands. In partnership with institutions, she has a degree in Art History (EBA/UFRJ) and a master in Contemporary Studies of Arts (IACS/UFF). She is the pedagogical coordinator of the platform Desculonizacion: acción y pensamiento (Mexico-Brazil). She also collaborates with CIPEI - Círculo Permanente de Estudios Independientes (Mexico-Brazil), a platform for research on counter-pedagogies and counter-visualities. Proposed the courses Terra à Terra (Earth to Earth) and together with artist  researcher Millena Lízia the study group Composteiras: Saberes Regenerativos (Composting: Regenerative Knowledge) with Beatriz Nascimento, both at EAV: Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro.