Thomas O' Grady

(United Kingdom)

Thomas A. O'Grady studied Interactive Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University and received a Masters in Fine Arts from Parsons, The New School, New York in 2011. His art practice is guided by misinformation, an awareness of the misperceptions born from limited access to knowledge. The ideas and the associations he makes tend to centre around the stereotypes and assumptions that seem to occur due to this lack of information or truth. He creates projects that purposefully infiltrate, disrupt or reconfigure ‘propaganda machines’. He interrupts news broadcasts; re-edits interviews, annexes sophisticated visual strategies utilized by news networks. He dubs over documentaries giving them new narratives and meaning; systematically edits political books page by page; uses public lectures, or so called public spaces as performative platform. To this end, video mapping, installation, editing, writing, found objects, industrial cardboard, performance, signage, lectures, social interactions and public interventions, have all been utilized.