Laura Besançon



Laura Besançon (b:1993, Malta) is a Maltese-French artist with an MA Photography degree at the Royal College of Art where she developed a multifaceted practice.

Central to Laura’s practice are notions of play, connectivity and place explored through a playful approach which often utilises various communication tools as part of the process. She is also interested in turning things around through appropriation, reconfiguration, shifting perspectives and playful action. Her work also explores the concept of the in-between and seeming dualities.

Recent exhibitions include “Playful Futures” (2021, Valletta Contemporary) and “Fuse” (2021, Valletta Design Cluster) where she created “Infrastructures of Care” - a photographic and sculptural public art intervention. She was a finalist for the 2019 MTV RE:DEFINE Award by the Goss-Michael Foundation and the 2020 Aesthetica Art Prize with her participatory project “Alone,Together” (2018 - ongoing). 

Laura is also working as Lead Artist, as part of an artistic co-design project which will result in a renovated playscape-garden at a primary school in Malta (2022) supported by the Arts Council Malta and EU Varcities.