"Gölgede ve Güneşte", (Eng.: in sun-in shadow) borrowing its name from Eduardo Galeano's famous book, is a musical project of four musicians (TR - JP) who have recently moved to Berlin. Creating songs that are reminiscent of personal histories meld together through the shared experience of being far from home. Besides its many references, the name golgede­ gOnete connotes newcomers' emotional swings, expressed in melancholic yet hopeful melodies. The project started in Istanbul with the goal of melting the East and the West together, both musically in the assortment of melodic choices and poetically in the issues that are being discussed in the lyrics.

The main goal was always to mix as many influences as possible, leading the project to be a collective with a moving circle of collaborators, ranging from singers to instrumentalists from diverse musical backgrounds, making regular appearances in live performances. Migrating to Berlin opened a door for the band to tackle the issues they've been reflecting on for years, now with a receptive and eager Western audience present. Golgede-gOnete's songs are written from a point of personal experiences, which resolves around a common struggle, overarching narratives, fitting together like the pieces of different puzzles and although each piece comes from a different.