Debbie Ding


Debbie Ding is a visual artist and independent researcher. She facilitates the Singapore Psychogeographical Society, which is devoted to promoting a better understanding of the world through ludic adventures, independent research, digital documentation, and data/archival activism. Because of the peculiar fragmented nature of history and culture in Singapore, we can also view Singapore as the scene of the mystery, or even as the missing artifact, or a curiously blank signifier. The Singapore Psychogeographical Society encourages people to construct/reconstruct their own narratives around the various physical traces, histories, and archives that may be overlooked or neglected in urban cities like Singapore and London.

Some of the previous projects of the Singapore Psychogeographical Society have included: The Singapore River as a Psychogeographical Faultline (, Ethnographic Fragments from Central Singapore (, an archive of Civil Engineering and Surveyor Marks.

As an experimental writer, Debbie has also produced a number of publications such as NewBiologist, a fictional popular science magazine about the future of plant tumours (, Dream Syntax, a book consisting of seven years of her dreams in map form (, and From Dust to Dust, a chapbook about a transcontinental dust collection (