Birgitte Ejdrup Kristensen


I am a visual artist from Denmark. My work is research based and includes permanent and temporary works in public spaces, site specific installations, cross-aesthetic collaborations and curating. The projects are developed in collaboration with other fields for example composers or landscape architects or theorists.

I’m educated at The Jutland Academy of Fine Art, Denmark (2002), Aarhus Architectschool and Center of Semiotics, Aarhus University.

My latest work is a permanent site specific sculpture in the village of Selde, Denmark. The work consists of the demolition of an empty, dilapidated house which had been a public eyesore for a long time and had given the village a bad reputation. During the demolition process the house’s footing was preserved, which was then walled up and painted white by a team of local volunteering bricklayers. The different rooms of the house are marked by small level differences as well as the doorways are marked to enable the viewer to read the house's spatial sequence.

The sculpture serves as the local scene or meeting point and is owned by the village’s inhabitants.

The title of the work Skivevej 13 is the address of the sculpture. For more info see

In 2015 I am curating a show at Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde (DK) in occasion of the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in Denmark.