In this circularity, I haunt - Pedro Oliveira

(c) Florian Model

Pedro Oliveira ( Brazil, Germany )

During his residency, Pedro will develop a long-form, multichannel sound installation exploring the idea of "spectralization" of the (migrant) voice. The main driving force of this work is a lo-fi, analogue "reverse engineering" of the so-called "dialect recognition software" in use by the German migration authorities since 2017 for cases of undocumented asylum seekers. A publication will juxtapose the sound piece with added layers of both clarification and complication.

(c) Katrin Binner
(c) Katrin Binner

Funding information

This residency is funded in collaboration with Junge Akademie der Künste Berlin under the program “AI Anarchies”.

Der Forschungsaufenthalt wird in Zusammenarbeit mit Junge Akademie der Künste Berlin innerhalb des Programms “AI Anarchies” gefördert.