The Intimate Space of Presentation - Jamila Drott, Jim Brunnestom

Jamila Drott ( Sweden ), Jim Brunnestom ( Sweden )

Our work revolves around the notion of space and its constant negotiations as part of an ongoing experiment to examine its borders, meanings and potential. While working, we try to re-think not only the physical conditions - but also our conception of space - and how we can transgress the limits to our imaginings of it. The work process is a creative laboratory where we conduct experiments in physical and mental environments, in attempts on re-evaluation and re-invention of space and the meaning of life within it.

During the past five years we have been working with various collaborative projects in the field be- tween art, and architecture; construction and imagination, using techniques ranging from traditional building techniques, sculpture, video and installation, in a quest to discover ever new possibilities in space.

The aim of the project at ZKU is to explore the creative potential of a limited space, and the meaning of the social ritual within it. We want to investigate how spatial intimacy can affect the creative experience.

For centuries Sauna has been a vital part of Nordic culture, where the Sauna has helped create bonds between people socially as well as politically. The Sauna is a forum, where people meet to share thoughts and feelings in an atmosphere of equality and intimacy. The project’s intention is to use the Sauna concept as a meeting room and a venue and space for showing and talking about art.

Based upon research material, and the local circumstances on the site, a Sauna will be developed that captures its key features and elaborates on its cultural specifics. The project will take different meanings of site specificity into consideration.

People will be invited to join in the work/building process with hopes to collectively share a creative experience where new perspectives and ideas can be gained. The project’s artistic potential primarily lies in the working process; in the collective redefinition of the traditional Sauna concept, and the conversations taking place in the Sauna.