»Commons« - the preflights« (EN) - Frontviews

Frontviews ( Germany )

During March and April 2018 Berlin art collective Frontviews established an temporary research lab »Commons« - the preflights« at ZK/U Berlin by hosting the set of preparatory collaborations between the artists of the main exhibitions »Commons« (working title) that are plan to realise in 2020 in the surroundings of Belgrade, 2019 and in the surroundings of Berlin. For this purpose, six Serbian artists and six German artists will work closely together over a longer period in both countries. The focus is on the elaboration of possible common certainties, ideals and identities between the people of both countries by the artists, humanities scholars and representatives of other professions.
During the residency at ZK/U four participating artist (Dušica Dražić, Dejan Kaludjerović, Pius Fox and Yvon Chabrowski) where regularly meeting with curators: Branislav Mihajlovic and Stephan Klee, and taking part in discussions where was used a substantive-practical approach to the complex of topics. The thematic axis of the Commons project are the webs of common attitudes, ethical standards, moral guidelines, values and rules that shape society and are shared by a lot of people. Each of the participating artist is asked to develop a lasting work, that stands for a certain human value, a certain ethical ideal of society, may it be an European Idea, a Western Standard or a Worldwide Worth.The »Commons« aim is to rethink and redefine our common values in a wider spectrum of society.