Speisekino Moabit 2014 #14

Home, sweet home, it comes alone?

An evening - sorted and neatly folded by Simone Häckel and Susanne Schröder.

Our menu: Fricassée made from recent and more traditional stories all coming from the depths of household.

Among the Ingredients we have: floor wax, ‚care-economy‘, fetish, messies, obsessive compulsiv cleaners, reproductive labor, doing the splits, vacuum cleaning.
With short films by Martha Rosler, Corinna Schnitt, Annette Sonnewend, Isabell Spengler und special movie collages.

With freshly executed: Mock’n rolled roast. Late summer traditional cuisine grounded in the mundane freshness of early autumn comfort food.
Cook: Jasper Ahrens

Free entranceMenu: 5€Languages: German / English

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