ZK/U Fact Finding Committee #04: Feministics & Urban Food Production - Stadtfrauenküche & ZK/FU

Stadtfrauenküche & ZK/FU ( Germany )

From May until August 2019 the Stadtfrauenküche (SFK) collective will inquire into the thematics of ‘Feministics & Urban Food Production’ at ZK/U Berlin.

After four years of experimenting, cooking and curating at ZK/U, SFK is directing their focus on their own practices and beyond, on the city as well as the countryside. What is the aesthetics of production at play? Which narratives and facts circulate, and where do they mingle? Can ground ivy grow in a raised bed garden? What about transparency in terms of food sourcing and resources, and democracy in terms of nutrition and food production? What are good social aesthetics and what happens if there is too much on your plate?

On Sunday the 5th of May during Gütermarkt, the Fact-Finding Committee’s rooftop terrace will open on top of the bee container, in the frame of a public planting campaign in cooperation with the Moabiter Ratschlag association and the Moabees.