9:00 PM: "Italo Disco Legacy" - a film by Pietro Anton
Introduction: Stephan Bülow

7:30 PM to 9:00 PM: menu
Classic lasagne (lasagne al ragù classiche) or chard lasagne (vegetarian)
Dessert: tiramisu

Please send you binding reservations (please specify if vegetarian) until Thursday evening by e-mail: [email protected]

The screening is free of charge - a dinner costs 10€.
Dinner + party : 15€ .
Film + party or party only: 8€

10.30 PM party:

Beppe Loda (Typhoon)
Frinda di Lanco (Dschungelliebe)
Pietro Anton (Italo Disco Legacy)
Jay (Private Records)

The discotheque - prototype of the modern European club has it’s temples in northern Italy of the late seventies and eighties. While Germans were still clapping in time to Schlager and thought that Disco is a Saturday afternoon TV format lacking in both - real pop music and any kind of humor - really big discotheques developed with a unique and modern type of mixing with two or more turntables and a mixer at the „Typhoon" in Breschia and the Baia de Angeli in infamous Rimini and many more around this area. 

But there is more to explore: Beppe Loda - spinning some records after the screening - and many other extremely creative DJs develop a sound made up of African soul, wild Underground Chanson, classic Funk, Disco, Philly and other trippy stuff: Mystic, sexy, with full of heavy beats and deepness, alltime modern and being copied later from the excessive partying citizens of the United Kingdom at the beaches of Ibiza as „Balearic“ sound.

The „Italo Disco Legacy“ is the primordial ooze for the club culture of our times.

Besides Beppe Loda, the director and producer of „Italian Disco Legacy“ will spin some records as well. Alert! Authenticity!


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